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Full Body System Remodeling and Elimination of Non Invasive Cellulite. We have the best program to secure results from the First Session. Our users have lost 90% of fat located in the abdomen, back, legs and buttocks after 10 treatments. 80% have improved by 98% the presence of cellulite. If you meet the program in three months you'll have a new figure without surgery Constancy and DISCIPLINE.

ANGEL SLIMMING FAST Ultracavitation-LipoLaser. 30 a 60 min

Generator of Cavitation sound waves stable for treatment of fatty tissues. At the moment it is the most advanced aesthetic equipment against cellulite and non-invasive body contouring solution. Designed as a simple treatment performed in our beauty center, these Ultrasonic Contour treatments involve no downtime, no follow up maintenance and no recovery time, safe, effective procedure treat multiple areas including the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, bra straps, saddle bags. Treatment sessions take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area treated. This unique treatments is based on the application of different techniques us Radiofrecuency, UltrasonicCavitation, Electrotherapy, Dermologie Plus Infrared .17years experience working with these modalities providing our patients the best and effective body contouring enhancements available

Body-contouring. Dermologie. Laser de diodos 30 a 60 min

Is a non-surgical treatment which reduces cellulite and mobilizes tissue to sculpt and re-contour the skin's surface. Reduce up to 2cms from the first meeting. Our technology and experience provide results in a short time.Treated Areas Include: Hips-Saddlebags, Tummy,Buttocks, Thighs, Upper Arms, and Bra-line Photo-dermologie fights on cellulite and fat, utilizes LED energy,negative Vacuum-pulsed pressure, thermotherapy vapor. It’s specially designed head smoothes the skins surface at different points during the cellulite treatment. The totally redesigned cellulite treatment head is able to deliver fat-melting, cellulite. Painless liposuction, not plastic surgery, no sticky creams, and no needles, contour your curves and reshape your body's problem areas. If you want to make the ugly dimpling of cellulite disappear, Photo-dermologie, painless and non-invasive cellulite therapy is your answer.Whit this treatment you get Free VIBROTHERAPY EXERCISE in each session.


Our herbal gel and Volcanic Thermal mud formulation immediately remove organic waste and fat deposits. This formulation is a major breakthrough in the slimming world, this body cocktail is rich in vitamins, minerals, seaweed enzymes, grape fruit, and other ingredients like L- carnitine, Sage, Asiatic Centella, and camphor . Boost your body's efforts to detoxify and remove excess of water weight and cellulite. This treatment reinforces the slimming effect, and reduces thigh diameter. In addition you receive subdermic massage (Vacumtherapy 15 minutes), and Thermal Wrap (30 minutes) that promotes a sense of long lasting Inch Los


Intradermal Therapy-NO Needles.

Complete Non-invasive Ultrasonic. Meso-therapy System .

This is the most appropriate method to eliminate localized-fat, cellulite, and flaccidity and aging signs. The double action combination of Ultra sonic & Cryogenic Micro-currents waves allows penetrating Mose-therapeutic Substances into the skin and restoring the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. It adjusts to any body or facial area providing amazing results in few sessions.It should be applied as a complement of a general or specific Slimming treatment and it also works for surgery preparations as Lipo-sculpture and Tummy-tuck. This is the perfect key to activate the Lymphatic & Lipolysis System. It reduces fibrosis, wrinkles and liquids uptake. Useful Facial Briefcase with ergonomic head for the body and face. It also has digital control with an automatic thermostat. Indications:Eliminates cellulite, localized fat, obesity, wrinkles, scratch-marks, Post-surgical marks and flaccidity. Treats pigmentation lesions and muscle-ache .Improves skin rejuvenation

ANGEL SLIMMING FAST. Ultracavitacion-LipoLaser.

Generador de ondas ultrasónicas cavitación estable con emisión de ondas de diodos LED y electroestimulación en un solo paso para el tratamiento de los tejidos grasos. Tecnología avanzada contra la celulitis es la solución para definir, moldear y afinar el contorno corporal Lipoescultura no invasiva segura y eficaz.Tratamiento realizado en nuestro centro de belleza.Tratamos múltiples áreas como abdomen, caderas, muslos, glúteos, rollitos de la espalda. Levantamiento y tonificación general. Reconstruye secuelas de fibrosis de liposucción quirúrgica. El tratamiento solo toma entre 30 a 60 minutos dependiendo del área. Tratamiento único que basa su efectividad en la aplicación de diferentes técnicas asociadas como Radiofrecuencia, Ultrasonido de cavitación, Gimnasia pasiva, dermologie Plus luz infrarroja. 20 años de experiencia nos acreditan ofrecer a nuestros clientes los mejores resultados.


La potente formulación de nuestro Gel Herbal y Lodo Volcánico y nuetsro sistema de LIPOASER DE DIODOS 650 nm eliminan en forma inmediata desechos orgánicos y grasa localizada. Este coctel es rico en vitaminas, minerales, enzimas, algas y otros componentes como L-Carnitina, Sage , Centella Asiatica y alcanfor, Permitiendo que su cuerpo haga el máximo esfuerzo para eliminar el exceso de agua, grasa localizada y celulitis., reforzando la pérdida de centímetros en tan solo 40 minutos. Ademas recibe masaje subdérmico con Vacumterapia por 15 minutos en las áreas a reducir y envoltura térmica por 30 minutos para garantizar la pérdida de medidas por largo tiempo. ***


Tratamiento No invasivo Mesoterapia Ultrasónica Homeopatica.

Método perfecto para eliminar grasa Localizada, Celulitis, Flacidez y trazas del Envejecimiento Corporal y facial. La combinación de la doble acción de emisiones de ondas Ultrasónicas , Microcorrientes Criogénicas y microinyecciones permite INTRODUCIR SUSTANCIAS MESOTERAPEUTICAS Y restaurar los tejidos cutáneos y subcutáneos, adaptándose a cualquier zona y condición corporal y facial con resultados sorprendentes en pocas sesiones. Este tratamiento lo recomendamos como complemento en un régimen de Adelgazamiento general y localizado, en preparación para cirugías como Lipoescultura y Abdominoplastia es la llave perfecta para activar el sistema Linfático generando activación de la lipólisis, reducir fibrosis retención de líquidos, Celulitis, rollitos de la espalda, exceso grasa en caderas , piernas, papada, y reducir Arrugas, estrías y pigmentacion oscura de la piel.

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Non Surgical Body Lift.Russas Waves

Non-Surgical Body Lift and slimming is an intense muscle stimulation for toning & firming the skin & muscles. Get into shape quickly and effectively. You can loose up to 15 pound in 1 month! This is the ultimate effective treatment to firm the body. Electro muscle stimulation machines are used to firm and tone your skin. The cycles of the machine stimulate the body tissues and increase blood circulation getting rid of toxins, and increasing muscular strength and tone, giving you an overall sense of well-being.Equipment of Maximum Complete power program of corporal tonificación, Accelerates elimination Subdérmic the fat, firming the muscles, accelerate reduction Cellulitis Our equipment of Passive Gymnastics: reduce waist, Abdomen, firming legs and hips. Special to raise hips and to strengthen all muscles. PERFECT in Post Childbirth and POST LIPOSUCTION

Tonificación Muscular con Gimnasia Pasiva & Corrientes Rusas.

La tonificación muscular es díficil de lograr luego de adelgazar, o despúes de una liposucción o sencillamente por el deterioro de la edad. Este tratamiento rapidamente através de la estimulación de microcorrientes permite recuperar la tonificación muscular en abdomen, piernas, levanta los glúteos, y reduce cintura. Usted puede perder en un mes hasta 15 libras. Este tratamiento estimula los tejidos incrementando la circulation, eliminando tóxinas y reafirmando los tejidos, con ello remodelar su figura en pocas sesiones. TONIFICACION MUSCULAR cintura, Abdomen, Piernas y Glúteos. Especial para levantar glúteos y tonificar todos los músculos. PERFECTO en Post Parto y POST LIPOSUCCION

Breast Lifting No Surgery 45 minutes.

Exclusive treatment of our center: Non-surgical. The breast is a vital part of the woman beauty, not only for its biological function but also for the net feminine attribute. Benefits: Integral Reaffirmation, Lifting Effect and Immediate Increase. Perfect in order to shine that deep neckline dress in that Special Occasion. It prevents Striated and Premature Fall.      



Tratamiento exclusivo de nuestro centro. NO quirúrgico. Los senos son parte vital de la femeneidad de la mujer, no solo por su función biológica sino por el atributo netamente femenino. Beneficios: Reafirmante Integral, Efecto Lifting y Aumento Inmediato. Perfecto para lucir vestido de escote profundo en esa Ocasión Especial, Previene Estrías y Caída Prematura.